About PearsonYachts.org

Pearson Yachts FlagPearsonYachts.org is a non–profit effort designed to provide support for all Pearson Fleets of owners and sailing enthusiasts. Below is a summary of the features of a robust Boat Owners Website which you will find here as you navigate through the site:

  • Boat Owners Registry – Database of Boat model, hull number, home port, email address (optional), and more.
  • Boat Documentation – Enhanced original brochures, specifications, drawings
  • Articles, Projects, Tips – Contributions from boat owners
  • Photo Gallery – Boat photos
  • Captains Community Forum – Owners online discussion boards
  • External Pearson Links – Websites and social media groups
  • Fleet Website Support – Web Pages and sub-domains available for all fleets/models
  • Website Admin Policy – Support, maintenance, and backup plan

Site development is ongoing as we continue to add content to this repository of Pearson information. To date you will find original documentation, some of which has been enhanced; technical information and history; web references; and specific boat information on the P26, P31, and the P323, which is the established prototype for this site. For new and improved information we ask all Pearson owners to consider contributing content. Our strategy is to secure the content in relational databases for data protection into the future. Contact us by the email with any questions or contributions.

To gain access to these features we encourage all to register for the Captains Forum and join the Pearson fleet of sailors.

Fair Sails,

Site Features

Members Userid

Once a new member has their userid assigned to a membergroup they will gain access to the secure features of the website. The registration process is administered by a widely used open source software package.

Captains Forum

This is the Simple Machines Forum application that provides secure access to the Captains Community Bulletin Boards. It contains specific categories for members to post questions, information, attachments, and other relavent topics for boaters.

Boat Registry

The boat registry database utilizes the security and privacy settings of the member's profile to store specific boat information at registration time. Information such as: Pearson model, hull number, home port, and more.

Photo Gallery

This is the Coppermine Photo Gallery application that serves as the database of photo albums based on vessel names or numbers. It allows members to create and add to their own albums.

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