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The Pearson 28 : 1975–1982

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The 28 is a logical and efficient extension of our theory that a boat should be designed and built with particular attention paid to how families live afloat. Daysailing, racing, overnight or extended cruising, the 28 does it all.

Responsive and Attractive

The guy who started it all has done it again... Bill Shaw co-founded the Midget Ocean Racing Club (MORC) because he believed strongly that boats under 30 feet could be designed and built to compete offshore just as well as bigger boats with a lot less expense, hassle and crew problems.

His concept was that growing families could campaign a boat this size successfully. And because she was designed and built to withstand the rigors of the race course, she could be cruised safely and comfortably. Witness the new Pearson 28. A superb example of the MORC concept. A good all 'round racing/cruising boat that fits all rules. Beautifully balanced. Manageable. A real delight to sail. And belowdecks? You wouldn't expect anthing else from Pearson, but real live-aboard comfort and quality that won't quit.

We look at it this way. The Pearson 28 will probably not be your last boat. And we want you to "Come Sail With Us"... for years to come.

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