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This page represents a partial list of suppliers of sailboat parts, many of which were originally sourced by Pearson Yachts for various models. This list has been compiled over time from boat owners. If you would like to add or correct any suppliers/parts please send a message to the Webmaster (Email link at bottom).

Rigging Tool Bag



Parts Suppliers

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Rigging Parts
Mast Boot
Fabrication – mast step
Builders Plate


Boom Vang
Headsail Furling
Telescopic Whisker Pole

Whisker poles are used for non-spinnaker class racing and short-handed cruising, or whenever downwind performance is desired without the use of conventional spinnakers.

Whisker Pole
Asymmetrical Spinnaker Tacker
Asymmetrical or Gennaker Bowsprit
Deck Hatches
Bomar 100 Series Cast Aluminum Hatches, Original Pearson Equipment
Bomar Hatch
Miscellaneous Parts
Lewmar Winch
Lewmar Standard Winch
Pedestal Mounted Wheel, Compass, Chain and Wire Steering System
Opening Ports
Fixed Ports
LED Lights
MarineBeam Logo
LED Replacements for Cabin Lights
LED Fixtures for Mast Lights
Engine and Drive Train
SS Hardware
Pearson Yachts Gifts
Pearson Builder's Plate
Builders Plate


Pearson Triton

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