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The Pearson 26 Weekender : 1975–1976

Pearson 26 Insignia

An alternative with the proven characteristics of her sistership.

Pearson 26W

The Pearson 26 Weekender - an alternative with the proven characteristics of her sistership, the Pearson 26. The idea was to retain all of her excellent sailing characteristics, and modify her deck and accommodations to suit those of us who perfer a sleek profile, large cockpit and the ability to add on as needs and budget allows. The P26W does not replace our standard 26. Rather, she is the same boat from the gunwhales down with some fresh new ideas in layout and space engineering.

Upon stepping aboard, the P26W's most obvious feature is her low attractive profile and enormous 8'11" cockpit which includes outboard fuel tank storage to port and a large sail locker to starboard. Her deck is clean, uncluttered and efficient. The kind of deck that will cruise you anywhere yet invites the addition of the hardware required for one-design racing fleets - a projection we feel is a sure-thing for this responsive boat.

Belowdecks the 26W is remarkably spacious and inviting. Simple but right. There is a place for everything with the added advantage that you can include it at your discretion from her extensive option list either now or later. This feature further enables you to get into the size of boat you really want now with the ability to add the features you want when you want them.

It's also the logical choice for the "gentleman sailor" who wants a quality boat that he can use at his leisure without feeling that a big expens is wasting away on the mooring.

The net effect is a proven boat based on her sistership with proven Pearson structural integrity and quality at a price that is very inviting.

Evaluate your needs and compare... then, Come Sail With Us.

Pearson 26W

Pearson 26 – By The Numbers


LOA (Overall Length) 26.17' [7.98 m]
LWL (Waterline Length) 21.67' [6.61 m]
Beam 8.67' [3.12 m]
Draft 4.0' [1.22 m]
Displacement 5,200 lbs [2449 kg]
Ballast 2,200 lbs [998 kg]
Sail Area 321.78 sq ft [44.4 m²]
Mast Height (above D.W.L.) 35.16' [10.72 m]
Cockpit Length 8' 11"
Auxillary Power Outboard
Foretriangle Area 184.28 sq ft
Mainsail Area 137.5 sq ft
I – Foretriangle Height 31.5'
J – Foretriangle Base 11.7'
P – Mainsail Hoist 27.5'
E – Mainsail Foot 10.0'
*approximations from Pearson Yachts

Technical Data

Designer Bill Shaw
Years Built 1974 – 1983
Hull Speed 6.24 kn
SA/D – Sail Area to Displacement 16.74
DLR or D/L – Displacement to Length Ratio 237
BR – Ballast Ratio 40.75%
L/B – Length to Ballast 2.99
LWL/B – Waterline Length to Ballast 2.48
OR – Overhang Ratio 21%
CSF – Capsize Screening Formula 1.99
MCR – Motion Comfort Ratio 19.95
M/F – Main to Foretriangle Ratio 184
PHRF – Performance Handicap Rating 210 (average)

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