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In 1964 the Invicta Burgoo took her place among the finest ocean racers with a first in the Newport–to–Bermuda classic... the first fiberglass boat to ever win it!

Designed for the Discriminating

When the Tripp-designed Invicta was introduced we claimed she was "destined for greatness!" We said this because we knew the number of exhaustive tank tests that Designer Tripp conducted at Stevens Institute before he finalized the sleeek lines and balance of this major contender for all ocean racing/cruising laurels. We said it because we knew that from her initial conception until she started winning the big ones, she was designed to take full advantage of the design versatility, strength, and enduring beauty of fiberglass. We said it too because we know how she is built. We feel that when it comes to experience with fiberglass, we have the edge!

Take the "Burgoo" for example! This Invicta yawl first showed her ability to beat some of the finest yachts afloat when she was first-place winner in Class E and second-overall (corrected time) in the 1962 Bermuda Race. She continued to hit the winners' circle by coming in third in the 1963 Halifax Race. In 1964 "Burgoo" took her place among the world's finest ocean racers with a brilliant first in the Newport-to-Bermuda classic... the first fiberglass boat to ever win it!

Pearson Invicta

Pearson Invicta – By The Numbers


LOA (Overall Length) 37.9'
LWL (Waterline Length) 25.0'
Beam 10.7'
Draft 4.5' ⁄ 7.7'
Displacement 19,000 lbs
Sail Area 660 sq ft
Auxillary Power Inboard
Foretriangle Area 292 sq ft
Mainsail Area 265 sq ft
I – Foretriangle Height 38.5'
J – Foretriangle Base 15.2'
P – Mainsail Hoist 33'
E – Mainsail Foot 16.1'

Technical Data

Designer Bill Tripp
Years Built 1961 – 1969 (28)
Hull Speed 6.7 kn
SA/D – Sail Area to Displacement 14.8
DLR or D/L – Displacement to Length Ratio 543
BR – Ballast Ratio
L/B – Length to Ballast 3.56
LWL/B – Waterline Length to Ballast 2.35
OR – Overhang Ratio 34%
CSF – Capsize Screening Formula 1.60
MCR – Motion Comfort Ratio 43.2
M/F – Main to Foretriangle Ratio 0.91
PHRF (avg) – Performance Handicap Rating

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Pearson Invicta

Pearson Invicta


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