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The Pearson Ariel : 1962–1966

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For the skipper who wants a lively racing machine that knows her way to the winner's circle. Ariel is a very smart buy indeed.

The Mini-Triton

This MORC ocean racer/cruiser is only 26 feet long... but inside she amazes you! Every inch of her compact layout is used to provide cruising comfort for four... storage everywhere... 5'11" headroom! Her Triton heritage shows... in her overall beauty and outstanding performance. She's stiff, able, fast... in any sea!

The exceptional below-decks "liveability" results from good planning, the generous use of low maintenance formica and teak interior trim, the overhead liner, and use of warm "decorator colors" from the wide selection offered. Ariel also offers aluminum spars, roller reefing, and a non-skid deck surface (an integral part of the deck). She's available with inboard power... or provides a well and is ballast compesnasted for outboard installation. For the skipper who wants functional beauty combined with the continuing savings of fiberglass construction, Ariel is a smart buy! For the skipper who wants a lively racing machine that knows her way to the winner's circle, Ariel is a very smart buy indeed.

The Ariel and a later daysailing version, the Pearson Commander share a common hull and rig, but the Commander has a smaller and more spartan cabin to allow for a very spacious cockpit. Of the more than 50 boat designs Carl Alberg produced after leaving the John G. Alden firm to design on his own, Alberg chose the Commander as his personal boat (Hull #302). This boat was named "ALMA" in honor of his wife and for many of his later years was sailed out of Marblehead, Ma.

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