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The Pearson Petrel : 1962

Pearson Petrel Insignia

12-foot sailing dinghy.

Old New England Cat Goes Modern

The Petrel has many desirable new features to complement her traditional beauty with just enough rich wood inside trim to make this modern counterpart of the old New England cat-rigged centerboard dinghy a distinguished modern sailboat.

This unique, salty 12-footer retains all the traditional beauty of line and sail rig of the old New England cat-rigged centerboard dinghy... but with one big difference! That difference... the ingenuity used by Pearson in mastercrafting the Petrel in beautiful, low-maintenance fiberglass. The Petrel has many new features to complement her traditional beauty... blends rich wood inside trim with today's materials. If you desire outstanding performance, enjoy the pleasing appearance of the craft of yesteryear, but want you pleasure to last, this distinguished, modern sailboat is for you! Easily cartopped or trailed... rigged with ease in minutes! Can be converted quickly to 12 foot rowing dinghy... will take small outboard..

Pearson Hawk


LOA (Overall Length) 12' 1"
LWL 11'
Beam 5.0'
Displacement 160 lbs
Mast Height Above Waterline 20' 4"
Rig Type Cat
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Standard Equipment

  • Hinged mast partner with step guide for easy mast stepping and lowering
  • Rotating aluminum mast and aluminum boom
  • 85 sq. ft. loose-footed dacron sail
  • One-piece fiberglass sole with watertight centerboard trunk
  • Full flotation
  • Completely self bailing
  • Stainless standing rigging
  • Nylon running rigging
  • Nylon rope rubrail
  • Friction level-operated fiberglass centerboard
  • Tilt-up fiberglass rudder
  • Marine bronze hardware

Easily cartopped or trailered, rigged with ease in minutes!

Pearson Petrel

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