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The Pearson 419 : 1975–1976

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Derived from the 390 to provide a center cockpit to satisfy customer demand.

Center Cockpit

A brief history about the boat. We designed a boat for the charter service in the Bahamas called the Pearson 390, she was 39 ft. overall. I believe we built about thirty of this model which was very successful in the charter trade but lacked some features that individual owners wanted. When the 390 program was finished we re-worked the hull mold and made a new deck mold for a center cockpit which became the Pearson 419. Several years later the market wanted aft cockpit and this became the Pearson 424. This was a very successful design and I am sure in your search you must have run into a number of these. Finally the market demands retured to the center cockpit which became the Pearson 422.

In it's heyday Pearson was one of the leading builders of large auxiliary sailing yachts throughout the world. It also built power boats from time to time. If you were to add up all the boats Pearson built it would be in the thousands.

Bill Shaw

Pearson 419

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