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The Pearson 33 : 1970–1975

Pearson 33 Insignia

Designed to be raced hard in all conditions; to be pushed to the limits; to stand up to the beating only the competitive racing circuit can subject a boat to; that's the Pearson 33.

The Thoroughbred

This boat encompasses all the newest concepts of design and engineering that the best in naval architecture and fiberglass boat building have developed. She combines the reduced wetted surface of the fin keel-spade rudder shape, with the figertip steering control provided by the skeg-rudder combination and the balance control that only a centerboard can create. She has an exceptionally long waterline for her overall length that gives her a spacious interior and an easy motion.

To be sure that all these desirable qualities would be exactly what you look for in a boat her size, she was tank tested at Stevens Institute with spectacular results.

The 33 promises to be fast on all points of sail, stable and a pleasure to race or cruise.

Inside, she reflects Bill Shaw's talent of putting belowdecks space to work effectively and efficiently. The competition interior features the equivalent of three staterooms with two berths forward, two amidships and two quarter berths, whereas the aft-galley-dinette interior offers two forward, two to starboard amidships and a convertible double to port.

The 33's appointments are in the best of taste commensurate wthe the tradition at Pearson of offering quality and value for long or short term ownership.

Pearson 33

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