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The Pearson 40 : 1979–1981

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The Pearson 40 has accommodations that belie her capability for sheer speed through the water. Belowdecks, the 40's warm sculptured interior recalls another era of yachting grandeur.

The Complete Yacht


It looks to me like common sense is about to prevail and return us to good, honest, dual-purpose boats. The kind of boats that convert from full cruise to race by simply changing the crew.
As I see it the trend is inevitable. The extremes to which pure racing boats have been pushed have made them somewhat less than desirable for cruising purposes. And, conversely, the boats designed for comfortable cruising could not compete with those "built to the rule." The result has been a trend toward rules that are more inviting to most boat owners such as the PHRF and new MHS.
The real need, as I perceive it, is a return by builders t the dual purpose boat, the kind of boat with which we were familiar during the days of the CCA rule-commodious cruising yachts that didn’t lose a step whether there was a starting line in the vicinity or not.
Certainly, new ideas, techniques, and materials dictate a more modern approach to the concept, but it’s the concept that’s important-a warm, luxurious, roomy cruising yacht that is forgiving, balanced on all points of sail with excellent sea-keeping ability that when turned loose will compete favorably at the club or association level..
The Pearson 40 is just that kind of boat. From the minute I conceived her I intended that she be highly versatile. The shallow draft, deep cockpit and expanse of flush deck make cruising a real joy yet provide benefits to the racing skipper as well. For example, the deck is a magnificent sunbathing and dinghy stowage platform as well as a broad uncluttered foothold for sail changes. Visibility from the cockpit is superb, and in my opinion, the flush deck adds an extra measure of safety.
Below decks was fun to do. I sat down with my entire development team and challenged them to produce the kind of joiner work, finish and laminated woods that seem to have disappeared from the yachting scene; the kind that we tend to associate with custom yachts from some of the finest European yards. To say they met the challenge is an understatement. The interior of the new 40 is my and their proudest achievement in yacht finishing. Now that the 40 is a reality, in retrospect I have to say she’s the complete yacht. I hope you feel the same way. Come Sail With Us…

Bill Shaw

Pearson 40

Pearson 40

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